Look-a-likes at a good price

Some top brand shoes can cost A LOT of money. So if you want the same styles there are a few different stores that sell shoes that look like the brand but are no where near the same price. The first store is definitely Forever 21. If you go onto their website you can see how many different types of shoes there are. They have many different styles at pretty reasonable prices. Also they always have some on sale so check back frequently for ones that you like. The next store is Target. They don’t have as many options but they do have some good shoes. They have quality shoes that look almost identical to certain expensive brands. I would defiantly recommend coming here often to look for some great options. Finally the last store is Kohl’s. Even though they do have some good brands there they have good look-a-likes for less. They have great options for what ever look you are going for. Every time you go to Kohl’s make sure you stop by the shoe section.


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