These rain boots are perfect for the rainy days of spring. They also come in fun colors which is also perfect for the fun colors of spring. They are made from natural rubber so every once in a while you do need to clean them but its worth it for the quality results of the boot.

Doc Martens

These boots were originally from the England as work shoes. But, they have made it big in the U.S. as well. These shoes also come in many fun colors and are fun for the spring time. They are more well known for the fun bright colors the shoes come in. They are made of rubber so when you first get them the are kind of squeaky. What I did was I just walked in circle in my house for a while until it wasn’t as loud.


These shoes are very popular all year round. They are my favorite in the spring because the colors and patterns can be really fun. They can be worn with almost anything and are great for almost any occasion. 



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