Where to buy

Once you have picked the pair you want now you have to find a place to buy them from. These are a few places to buy from. If you can’t find them here go to the company’s website or find a store near you that carries them.

There are 3 places that I always go to see if I can find the shoes I want for a lower price.

First is Amazon,

They usually have the shoes your looking for and they are usually less expensive then buying directly from the company. The only down side is they might not have all the options you want.

Then is Zappos,

This is a store just for shoes. They have a lot of variety and good brands. You can save money but generally close to the same price. They also always have free shipping so that could save you money depending on where you live.

Last is eBay,

This is the most risky to buy from. Sometimes you can find REALLY good deals on shoes. But, be careful because there might be something wrong with it and that’s why its so cheap. Always read the description carefully before buying.


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